My Current Routine

1. Oil Cleanser  –  Banila Co. Clean It Zero Classic

2. Cleanser – CeraVe (Target) – wash twice, so really a triple cleanse situation is happening

3. Exfoliate – St Ives Apricot Scrub (Target) (Technically, we aren’t supposed to use walnut shells to exfoliate, but I do this nightly and VERY GENTLY and I’ve been okay so far)

4. Son & Park Beauty Water

5. Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence (Apply with hands, couple drops will do

6. BHA blackhead power liquid

7. Vitamin C –  This is 20%, you don’t have to go that high…. and actually word on the street is if you are going to get AHA and BHA products, the percentage should be less

8. Ampoules –  I alternate between the JLH Vita Propolis Ampoule,  Time Revolution Ampoule, and Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

9. Missha Yaehyun Jinbon Emulsion

10. Any Mask for 20 to 45 mins depending on the mask. If using a sheet mask, don’t wash off residual, massage into skin

11. Tundra Chaga Presssed Serum – Don’t get this on your eyelids!!

12. MISSHA Misa Cho Bo Yang Eye Cream

13. Mizon Black Snail All-in-One Cream – Heaven

12. Sleeping Pack – I haven’t found one to try yet…. I’ll keep you posted.