Let’s Mask About It : Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Mask

The Time Revolution First Treatment Intensive Essence is one of my holy grail items. So, it’s no surprise that when I saw this silvery adorable little package in a sheet mask, I scooped up the sheet mask to try (as one does while perusing in Target). This sheet mask is soaked in fermented goodness and claims to brighten, tighten and hydrate the skin. There is also a neck piece that supposed to lift and contour the neck area…. Sounds fancy!


I’m sorry can we talk about this package for a minute! How lux does this look! It practically demands to be put on the face. Kudos to the marketing company.


Okay, let me be completely honest. When I put this mask on my face, I was certain this wasn’t going to do it for me. The two piece 3-layer microfiber mask was every bit as thick as it could be but it didn’t feel saturated which in a shocking because it comes packed with 33 ml of liquid – 18 ml in the top half and 15 ml in the bottom half. I do like the thickness of this mask. Innisfree masks are also 3 layer sheets but they are not as thick as this. The theory behind multi-layers is that it keeps the liquid from evaporating, allowing for maximum absorption in the skin.

After 30 mins, I took the mask off and I was shocked to find my face felt hydrated and bright. The mask was still damp but I simply didn’t have the time to continue masking, so I squeezed out what little was left and slathered that on my face and neck. I didn’t want to like this mask because I was afraid this mask would let me down potentially damaging my love of the essence itself. I stand corrected and before you ready to say I would buy this again. Is it a holy grail – no, much too pricey for everyday masking. This is, however, a splurge for sure. Valued at about 7.00 per mask, when I buy this mask again, it will probably be for a special occasion when I can take this sheet mask to the end of what it’s got to offer!