White Truffle Extract

White truffles no longer belong just on your edamame, it is now in your skincare too! That is, if you believe the hype. And do we? Let’s discuss.

This delectable little fungus – highly prized and largely sought after in the culinary world is coming to us in the form of skincare. It is believed that they contain anti-aging and skin renewing qualities. Some scientists are willing to go as far as to say that the truffle can actually help the skin repair itself (rapidly approaching side-eye city).

Look, we all know the host of good, amazing qualities of truffles. They are an excellent source of minerals, especially vitamin C. They are strong in anti-oxidants, contain potent in anti-bacterial properties and even help to control immune functions. That being said, I don’t know anyone who is eating or can afford to be eating these little guys by the handful. Personally, I think you would need more than just a few shaved pieces or some oil extract to reap the benefits.

Which bring me to my next gripe. Truffle oil cannot be extracted from a truffle. So then where is the oil coming from? Well, this leads me to believe we are either looking at synthetic or chemical intervention. The base of the truffle oil will more often than not, be something we already have in our pantry q.e.d. grapeseed oil or olive oil. And if that is the case, then more likely than not, most of the benefits will come from the base than the addition of the truffle properties.

I know I know – you are being a real Debbie Downer, N! I get it, my inner truffle-loving goddess had already started sending out the invites for the party. But I can’t get down with this one and most importantly I don’t like the idea that my fellow lovelies are being duped into believing that this is legit. Lastly, let’s assume that these products are made from real truffles, I’ve no doubt that these products will be far too rich for my wallet.