Let’s Mask About It : Innisfree Green Tea Mask

Ahhh, masks. If anyone knows me, they know that masks and I are one, we go together like peas and carrots. Like peanut butter and bananas. Like gumbo and seafood!

The Innisfree Green Tea sheet mask comes in a white package with a picture of green tea in a wooden spoon. Nice, clean, and simple – reminiscent of all things spa related. When you open the package, the sheet mask is neatly folded and thoroughly saturated with essence, about 20ml. That is a decent amount. There is usually a good bit of essence in the package that I slather on my neck, décolletage, and elbows. (Gotta get them elbows!) Typically the masks I use mask that have around 20 to 25 ml of essence. I like my sheet masks juicy – thank you.  This sheet is comprised of green tea (duh), tangerine, white lotus, camellia and orchid. It is a three-layered sheet which allows the mask to stay wet longer for maximum absorption.


I like to throw this mask on when my skin is threatening a breakout, but hasn’t quite gotten there yet and anything stronger would be too much. These are great in a pinch, especially if you only have about 10 to 15 mins and staring down the barrel of tomorrow’s madness. They run about 1.00 each, though I’ve seen them as low as .80 a piece. They are also on amazon. I will put a link below. In general, I do like the innisfree masks for every day. If and when I need something with more impact, I will reach for something different. All in all, if you are new to sheet masking, I recommend this for a starter mask.