We start at the beginning…

My journey began back in January. Fresh into the New Year, I set my sights on this year’s resolutions. Strangely enough, skincare wasn’t a top three. I actually started this journey when my sister introduced me to my first Korean website. Like any other woman, I was immediately drawn to the pretty, shiny bottles filled with the promises and dreams only great skincare can be made of. Their site spoke of K-beauty regimes and my interest was piqued. And so began my investigation. After a generous amount of reading and searching, I’d come across the infamous 10 step skincare routine. I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS A THING! My world literally exploded – imagine K beauty products raining from the sky – and it quickly became apparent I needed to explore this situation further.

By Jan 17th, my first purchase was made. I’d begun to build out my system – perfect skin was within my grasp. Moreover, the results! There were real results. I was hooked! There is no looking back. I quickly realized that I could find affordable RELIABLE skincare items that actually do what they claim to do.

Fast-forward to present day…

My mask collection is rapidly approaching 100+ and my daily skincare routine has expanded and morphed. Yet and still, I realize that I have just barely scratched the surface of the Korean beauty industry. It is now my mission in life (and in beauty) to try as many products as I can and post about it. The Asian beauty market, especially the Korean beauty market is rapidly expanding in the US and I want to know how well these items perform on people of color. Yes, my lovelies, I will put my skin on the line for you!

If there are any products you would like me to try and review, let me know.